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What Your Bad Breath Might Mean

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Bad breath stinks. Literally! Were you aware that stinky breath can come from more than just anchovies or garlic? Bad breath can also come from sources inside your body, and when it does it’s referred to as halitosis. Here are some causes of halitosis.

-If you have periodontal disease, pockets of bacteria in your gums are eating away at your teeth, and they may also be the culprit behind smelly breath. And because those pockets can be hard to reach, cleaning them out will require professional dental help.

-Infections in the oral cavity and/or nasal passage may be the reason behind postnasal drip, which could be a cause of halitosis. When your body produces mucus in a postnasal drip or to fight infections, your mouth can be left a slimy, rancid fertile space for bacteria.

-Dry mouth is another sickness that puts you at risk for halitosis. spit in the oral cavity rinses out debris and destructive bacteria, and it also breaks down food, making lodged debris less likely to occur. Without spit (and all of its benefits), bacteria become more rampant in the oral cavity and bad breath is practically inevitable. Medications and some conditions can contribute to dry mouth; if you’re unsure whether you have dry mouth, please speak with us at your next appointment.

Smoking, drug use, kidney disease and diabetes may contribute to halitosis. If brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing once daily aren’t helping with your bad breath, you may have halitosis. Please contact us at 502-839-6828 to pencil in your next visit with Dr. Robin Cropper in our Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, office, and we’ll help you defeat bad breath once and for all.