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Two Big Culprits of Tooth Decay

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Many patients suffer from tooth decay at least once in their lifetime when harm comes to their tooth enamel. You can prevent tooth decay by taking steps to avoid the two main culprits that cause it–plaque and acidic food.

Over the course of the day, your teeth and gums accumulate a thin layer of bacteria that then mingles with sugar from your diet and forms harmful acids to attack the tooth enamel. It is important to practice daily oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing to remove plaque. Otherwise, the next development is a hardened and dangerous substance called tartar that can only be addressed by dental professionals in order to be fully treated.

Acidic Foods and Drinks
Foods that contain a low pH can also cause tooth decay because the acid can create a hole in the tooth enamel that allows bacteria to create a cavity. In order to restore the tooth at this point, you may need a dental restoration such as a crown or filling.

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