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There Are Different Options for Restoring an Extracted Tooth

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When a tooth suffers from extreme decay or a severe fracture, it might be so severely damaged that your dentist, Dr. Robin Cropper, needs to extract the tooth to prevent further pain and infection. Without timely replacement, the surrounding teeth can slowly start to alter their positions in response to the void. This can lead to a host of alignment issues and chips on the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern.

Once your gums have healed, your dentist can help you understand your options for restoring the structure and presence of the tooth in your mouth.

Installing a dental bridge is a popular method for replacing an extracted tooth. This is basically one solid piece of dental work that looks like three artificial teeth. The two teeth on the ends have hollow cores. They are dental crowns that will anchor the bridge onto the two closest neighboring teeth.

Dental implants have grown in popularity for replacing a missing tooth. This is essentially a titanium abutment that is directly inserted into the bone tissues of the empty socket. Titanium is known for being biologically safe and it will bond with your living bone tissue in a process known as osseointegration. This will create a solid anchor for a dental crown that will replace the tooth.

If you’ve lost multiple missing teeth in one area of your mouth and you’re not interested in invasive dental treatments, you might be interested in a partial denture. This is an abbreviated form of dentures that locks into the void. It can be removed each night, but when you wear it during the day, it replaces the function and appearance of your missing teeth.

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