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Superior Smiles Include Composite Fillings

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If you have suffered from dental erosion, you will require a dental filling. Dental fillings are extremely important for eradicating decaying teeth material that are under the effects of a cavity. If left untreated, eventual tooth loss and infections can occur. One of the most highly effective forms of dental fillings is via composite dental fillings.

Building the perfect smile includes always catching cavities as soon as they begin to grow in. If you do have a hole in your tooth enamel and even if it’s only microscopic, a composite filling can still repair it. In fact, composite fillings can be used on cavities too small for other dental filling treatments such as dental amalgams. Composite fillings are also extremely durable and preventative to tooth fracture. In many situations, composite fillings can last up to a decade. However, when a replacement is needed, you can reapply over the original with a new composite without ever having to remove the original. Composite fillings are also known for their ability to match the color of your teeth, and for being extremely effective sealants of the margins of your teeth. This is important as it can prevent leakage.

No matter which dental filling treatment you desire, Dr. Robin Cropper and our team at Dentistry For Today will care for your smile with composite filling treatments. To book an oral exam, routine checkup, or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, please contact us at 502-839-6828.