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Oral Health Care Tactics for Young Children

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As children age, they tend to put their teeth at a greater risk for damage, oral accidents, and bacterial infection. With so many risks present every day, it’s important to minimize what you can so they can grow up with a healthy set of teeth and gums. Read below about some of the oral health care tactics you should consider implementing in the oral health care for your young children.

What are some helpful hints to prevent tooth decay in children?
– Never share eating utensils between yourself and a child, because bacteria that can damage their teeth and gums can easily be transferred onto them. Also, never let a young child drink products that include sugar. For children under three years of age, use a rice-sized portion of toothpaste, and for children over three, a pea-sized portion will suffice.

How do you know when to start flossing a child’s teeth?
– A caretaker should begin to floss their child’s teeth as soon as two teeth grow in beside each other.

TRUE or FALSE: Babies don’t need to have their teeth cleaned.
– This is false. Around six months of age, a child’s first tooth will break above the surface of the gums. As soon as any teeth are exposed, they must be cared for.

At what age should a child first begin to brush on their own?
– A child should not be rushed to brush on their own until their caretaker believes that they can do so safely and positively, which includes not eating the toothpaste.

Always use toothpaste for the child that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance or is recommend by their dentist at Dentistry For Today. Be sure to visit Dr. Robin Cropper and our team before they are one year of age for an oral examination. Our dentist office is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. To schedule a visit, please call us at 502-839-6828. We make smiles great!