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Oral Health Care Procedures: Dental Bonding

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In order to ensure that your smile is at its best, give it the attention and care it deserves. Have you been brushing and flossing your teeth every day? Have you gone in to see your dentist for a regular checkup or for a cleaning recently? If you have not been taking care of your smile, it may be at a greater risk for damage. If you are in need of a tooth restoration, consider dental bonding.

Dental bonding works by attaching a material such as a resin or porcelain directly to the area of a tooth you wish to restore. Not only can dental bonding save areas of a tooth from further damage, but it can improve its look as well. Dental bonding treatments are extremely effective for many types of oral accidents or injuries including discolorations, cracks, and fractures that may have occurred.

Dental bonding is also useful for teeth that feature excessive discolorations or stains. Dental bonding can also be used for teeth that have various minimal spacing malocclusions or minor rotation issues. With a suitable level of treatment, it is possible for a single bonding application to last over a decade.

If you are showing signs of dental damage, come visit Dentistry For Today for dental bonding treatment today. With the helpful support of Dr. Robin Cropper and our wonderful team at our dentist office in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, we can repair your smile. To schedule an appointment, call us at 502-839-6828. We look forward to making your smile shine!