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Allowing your smile to continue to fail via microscopic damage is a sure way to give rise to cavities. This is because cavities are often formed by harmful acids that are eating through your tooth enamel to the point holes have been formed in your teeth. Although you can visit your dentist for effective restorations in the form of dental fillings, it’s much more important to catch the damage before it can be done. If you need additional help with techniques for preventing dental erosion, visit your dentist for oral examinations and checkups. Furthermore, a professional cleaning every 6 months can drastically help keep your smile safe from the risks of dental erosion.

When the time comes to enhance your oral health care with cavity protection, it’s important to assess factors that would give rise to the condition. This can include acid reflux, genetics, environmental factors, and the abundance of harmful substances in food, such as sugars and starches. In addition, various medications can produce dry mouth as a side effect, which is a known cause of enamel erosion. Once you’re aware of the causes of enamel erosion, you can help prevent it from arising, and thus, prevent cavities from taking place.

However, numerous treatment should also be used to help keep your smile safe. Knowing what causes dental erosion and treating it correctly are two different things. As with many oral health conditions. Focus on brushing and flossing every single day. With all the tools that you use for your oral health care, make sure they are durable and safe for your smile. Try to use nonabrasive tools whenever possible. This includes brushes with soft bristles and nonabrasive toothpaste. Furthermore, you can lower your risk of cavities and dental erosion by seeking out ways to produce saliva in your mouth.

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