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Brushing twice a day, every day is vital to your oral health. But even the best of techniques doesn’t work well without a good tool. Here is how to choose and care for your toothbrush.

First, look for a toothbrush with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The ADA Seal is granted to products by the American Dental Association. Products can earn the seal by passing rigorous tests for safety and effectiveness. The Seal cannot be purchased; the product must pass the tests to receive the seal. This verifies that the product is what you need. In the case of the toothbrush, this will also guarantee that the brush has soft bristles. This is important, as hard bristles can irritate gums and damage tooth enamel.

Second, storage. Make sure that you typically store your toothbrush in open air. If you must put it in a closed area, for example, in a zip-top bag for traveling, be sure to air it out as often as possible. This helps discourage bacterial growth. Similarly, make sure you don’t store your toothbrush beside other toothbrushes. If you must them near each other, be sure to not let the heads touch. This spreads bacteria from brush to brush and leads to contamination.

Third, make sure your toothbrush is yours and yours alone. Never, ever share toothbrushes with anyone else, even family. This spreads bacteria, food particles, infections, disease, and can cause a host of problems in your mouth. It is very dangerous to your oral health. Make sure to never share your toothbrush.

Finally, be sure to help your toothbrush out by scheduling regular dental appointments and cleanings! If you are in the Lawrenceburg, Kentucky area, call Dentistry For Today at 502-839-6828. Dr. Robin Cropper and our team will be happy to help you–and your toothbrush!