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Are your teeth damaged? If so, they may require dental bonding treatments. Dental bonding treatments typically use resin and porcelain materials to improve the look of your smile and offer additional protection. They are most often used for oral accidents such as chips and cracks that may have developed in a tooth.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic tooth restoration treatment designed to improve your oral health care by fixing damage to your teeth which can be caused by a wide variety of sources. Your teeth can be damaged by oral accidents or injuries, plaque buildup, poor oral hygiene, tooth enamel loss, and various other dental catastrophes.

Dental bonding is not only used in restoring the functionality of a tooth, but it can also repair a tooth’s appearance. If a tooth is visually damaged as the result of stains, discolorations, or feature other visual flaws, it may be possible to fix them with the use of dental bonding. Dental bonding can also be used to help with spacing issues, minor malocclusions, and even dental filling mending for cavities.

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